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Spiritual Wealth with Alexandra Savithri, Reiki/Vedic Healing Master


Does life often feel stressful, with your mind burdened by problems and worries?  A powerful solution to life's challenges is available through the yogic spiritual path.  Join Alexandra Savithri Amba, M.A., Director of the American Reiki Academy & the Vedic Healing Center,  who is a Reiki Master, Vedic Healing Master and Spiritual Life Coach with over 3 decades experience studying, practicing and teaching spiritual self development as well as leading Spiritual Pilgrimages to India.  She has spent more than 25 years traveling throughout India,  staying in ashrams, visiting sacred temples,  and studying with blessed Indian gurus.

In this show she offers spiritual tools from metaphysics, yoga, and the healing arts to empower you and help you change your inner state, so you may handle life more easily and ultimately excel!  Learn about ancient, time-tested secrets that create profound happiness, balance, peace and productivity so you may become your highest self expression.   Through Reiki, Vedic Healing, meditation, Sanskrit mantra chanting, Feng shui, yoga and metaphysics, you can make your experience on earth a joyful dance that empowers you here and beyond!  Join us to explore these topics, expand your awareness, raise your vibration, and tap into keys for accessing happiness, inner peace, success, and everlasting joy through the spiritual path.